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Work Of Legal Assistants

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Whatever the type of work might be, most of the professionals require an assistant in order to make their work easy and do it in a stipulated time without much stress. Hence in the legal professions also lawyers have a lot of assistants and paralegals in order to make their work easy. Legal Assistants help lawyers prepare for meetings, trials, hearings and so on.

Though the credit of the success of the case goes to the lawyer, there will be a great part of his assistants in it as many of his work will be shared by them. This helps the assistants also to learn the work and shine in the profession. But still they will be prohibited from attending cases or giving legal suggestions in the court. Their work will involve mostly verifying the case file and noting the points from the law book that will help the lawyer during the hearing.

They are also responsible for doing research and finding the data related to the case assigned. After the research, the information collected should be organized and analysed so that it can be formed as a report in which the ways to handle the case will be detailed. They will be assigned to draft the pleadings that have to be filed in the court and also affidavits should be obtained by them during the trial.

It is important not only to get the details related to the present case but also the previous case files, and details have to be stored properly for future reference. They also work in the preparation of legal documents, mortgages, file tax returns, instrument of trusts and separation documents. Certain employers will ask them to take care of the other works in the office like coordinating the other staffs in the office on financial and other basis.

Where Can You Find Legal Assistants?

task of legal assistants You can find 70% of legal assistants in many organisations’ legal department, and law firms, and the remaining 30% will be in the government offices and corporate offices. They help in various law works involved in the office like litigation, employee benefits, criminal law, risk and safety management, immigration, labour law, and family law. As […] Continue reading →