Legal Translation And It’s Growing Importance

advantages of legal translation

Translation of texts within the domain of law is known as Legal translation. In ancient times, the art of legal translations originated in Greece. Formerly, it was just used to explain the lawsuits in a better manner to one’s own peers. It does not imply the wholesome understanding of entire legal theory rather it means translation of the language being used in the court in favour of the other people present there.

Court appoints translators to interpret the language being used in the court to the people, so that those who do not have firm grasp of the language being used can understand the whole thing that is going on in the court. As the law of any land is valid in every language, it is translated to. Any country’s law depends on its cultural heritage and the language used there.

The work of legal translation is not necessarily linguistically transparent always. Only specialised translators can translate the legal documents, or it can be a mess. Any mistranslations can lead to lawsuits and other penalties. The legal system says that the source text to be translated should be done, keeping in mind the culture and legal system of the source. Similarly, the target text should be read by an equally proficient translator who understands the other legal system, corresponding to which the jurisdiction for target text is prepared, and also the language of the same.

As globalization is taking place many leading companies and people are in need of legal translators. It has become a highly profitable business. Everyone is trying to expand their businesses overseas. Several acquisitions and mergers are taking place. All these are linked with the law of any foreign country that is being dealt with and for this legal translation services are getting popular day by day.

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