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Threats Regarding Technological Invasion In Law And Order

technological invasion in law and order

Though technology is helping everything to become simpler day by day, law business stays away from such invasions. One of the main disadvantages of involvement of online systems in law can be the disruption of any private information. With the increase of politics and diplomacies in the world, if by chance some legal information gets hacked it can lead to huge losses. It might lead to negative impacts on revenues of a company or even a nation or can cause a negative impact on the share markets, etc.

It can also cause loss to many law firms, as the law firms will have to provide loads of services or will have to provide bespoke services. Those firms that are stuck in the middle will be the sufferers. Also, an easy access to all kind of information to general people is creating challenges for the lawyers.

With such easy access to information, lawyers will get commoditized. A Lawyer’s role is going through a constant shift. Many researchers say that even with the invasion of technology there are many roles of a lawyer which cannot be bridged by technology. Online reforms are not sufficient for the application of legal knowledge to a legal problem directly. Experience will ever remain the major factor to become a successful lawyer.